After having two dogs come up with periodontal disease and losing some teeth, I have discovered the perfect product! Best thing I've found in 40 years in Ridgebacks.

To prevent and help remove tartar and plaque and periodonatl disease:

Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse USP, 0.12% - ALCOHOL FREE. You can get your dentist to sell it to you for your dogs for about $20 a pint.

Get a small spray/mist bottle to put some in for daily use. Just a squirt or two on either side of the dog's mouth DAILY. ( Give your own mouth a squirt and you'll see how fast it spreads.)****FLASH! Petrodex now makes a similar product! Just find it at KKVET Less than $5!

If the dog has tartar build up, put some baking soda in a small cup, just a  bit of water and dip a soft cloth into that and rub the area at the gums. Don't worry about getting it all off. After about 5 days of using the Chlorhexidine, you will repeat the process. This might take a couple of weeks to finally get it all off. You can use a scraper, but remember that you are scoring the tooth and making cracks for plaque to get in when you use a scraper.

To make the dogs happy, I give them:

Petrodex Dental Chews They look like your ordinary rawhide chews, but contains an enzyme to keep tartar and plaque from building up and keep the mouth healthy. The dogs like the fun of chewing it better! It also coats the teeth, so a chew after a meal, either morning or evening is the best time. One daily is plenty. You can order from Jeffers or KVVET.

A good ole knuckle bone from the pet store or the butcher will also give their teeth a good scrubbing and most dogs love a good bone.