Getting Back In Shape

Sometimes after an illness or having pups, dogs need a little something extra to help them get some meat back on them fast. Here's an old kennel recipe for just such occasions: You can feed alone or add with kibble. Feed until the dog begins to look like you think they should.

Satin Balls (or Fatburgers)

 5 lb. cheap ground beef
 10 egg yolks, beaten
 10 envelopes of unflavored Knox Gelatin
 12 oz. jar of wheat germ
 1 large box Total cereal
 1 cup corn oil
 1 cup molasses
 1 tbsp salt

 In a very large bowl or pan (a turkey roasting pan works well) pour in  cereals.

 Measure and pour in corn oil then measure and pour molasses from the  same cup which will keep molasses from sticking to the cup.

 Add all ingredients except ground beef, mix with a spoon, and let sit  for 30 minutes to soften the cereal.

 Add ground beef and, wearing rubber gloves, thoroughly knead and mix for  about 5 minutes.

 Divide into tennis ball size portions and form into patties.

 Slip into individual baggies and freeze.

 Thaw as needed and feed raw. DO NOT COOK!