Looking for a Puppy, Young Dog or Nice Adult Ridgeback?

**We are not planning a litter anytime soon

 Find reputable breeders of Ridgebacks at http://www.rrcus.org

This page updated 12/22/10

*** Note: When you send someone a post, be sure to tell them about you and your family, your facilities, your experience with large dogs,why you think you want a Ridgeback, where you found their name, etc..... In other words, with all the people looking for a puppy, what makes your home the best! Plus, it helps the breeder to know if they have a puppy with the personality and temperament for your family.


CINDY WELL, Tji-Wara RRs, is planning a litter. Member RRCUS.
Check out her website at:
Tji-Wara RRs


Texas RR Rescue is swamped with Ridgebacks needing a home!!!... too many backyard breeders who don't screen homes and RR puppy mills! Check with Etosha RR Rescue, Texas RRRI and TX RRRI all have wonderful dogs needing homes.  Please go to their websites and fill out an application if you are interested in giving a pup or dog in need a home.

Have you checked the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US site and looked at the Breeder's Directory for a breeder near you? If not, then go there now by clicking RRCUS. Remember to make your post interesting by telling them why you are interested in a Ridgeback, what your home and your experience with dogs has been. If you write "Do you have any puppies and how much are they", don't expect them to write you back. If you don't take the time and make the effort, they won't either!

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