(I use all these products on me, too!)

World’s Greatest Soap! 

I highly recommend the shampoo called Micro-Tek, made by Equus. You can purchase all these items I’m about to tell you about online at . An example of how to find items: Using the search option, select shampoos, then “medicated”. Sixteen ozs is about $9.95. I use it straight, not diluted. 

It was developed by NASA to decontaminate astronauts. Give the dog/pup and good sudsing and leave it on from 1-3 mins if they’ve had itchy skin or mange spots. It will take care of it! I know because I have used it on puppies who had the 4-5 month mange spots from vaccinations.  I now bathe all mine with it just for good measure.I have one dog who has allergies and now I only have to bathe her once a month to keep the itching at bay. Fabulous! 

A friend who has very oily skin and has to see the dermatologist started using it on her face – it cleared it up and has kept it clear!

Medicated spray: 

Eqyss also markets a medicated spray on called “Micro Tek Equine Spray, which is basically the shampoo without the soap, but you can leave it on. Again, GREAT STUFF.... you can throw away those other antibiotics in your house, this is wonderful and quick acting. 


Bug Spray: 

Eqyss makes a bug repellant that is safe for dogs, cats, horses and people and won’t burn your eyes and it WORKS! It’s called Summer Defense Marigold Spray. It’s pesticide free and smells good too!


If there is a tack shop or horse supply store near you, you can often find these products there.