Early De -Sensitizing Training

The best time to cure a dog of thunderstorm phobias is between 5 and 8 weeks. Same goes for desensitizing for dog shows, too. Yeah, really! It's simple, too!  All you need is a tape recorder/CD player/boom box, the tape/CD, some nice chewy knuckle bones or other goodies and a nice, comfortable area for the pups to do their thing. Works well either inside or outside (depending on your neighbors!)  If the breeder you got your pup from didn't desenitize, not to worry, just get some tapes as soon as possible and start playing.

Dog Show Racket has clapping, barking dogs, sliding van doors and comes only in a tape. Thunderstorms and Agility Trial sounds are in CD form..  Just alternate them each day and you'll have a "bomb proof" pup in no time at all. (You can use the Agility Trial tape for show as it has lots of chatter, dogs barking, etc. Actually, I like it better than Dog Show Racket and you don't have to flip the tape.)

I begin by giving the pups all a knuckle bone to chew. I pop in a tape/CD and play it moderately the first day, progressing to louder each day. Most  play about an hour each. Sometimes the desesitizing goes really fast, other times slower. It all depends on the "inattention" of the pups to the noise. By slowly increasing the noise, the pups desensitize and it becomes secondary to the wonderful, fun time they are all having gnawing on those bones. For slower pups, always give them NEW bones. The excitement is greater than with an older one that's been chewed on before. Hey, we all like new things!

You can use these same tapes/CDs to desenitize your older dog, too. It is harder though and you must make sure the dog has something they really enjoy and are into it before starting the tape on the lowest level. Move up ONLY when the dog is no longer reacting to the noise. Just keep inching up the noise level until it's "real life" or slightly louder.

Here are some sites that sell these CDs.


Agility Trial Noise

Dog Show Racket