How Much Do Puppies Weigh?

The weights of healthy, individual puppies in a litter can vary depending on:
  • how many pups are in the litter.
  • if the pups are raw fed or kibble fed or a combination
  • if that particular line of dogs is fast or slow growing.
  • how long the dam nurses the pups
  • when the breeder begins supplimenting food
  • the size of the parents

Since most breeders begin supplimenting at least one meal a day to 4 week old pups, we are going to start there. Between 4 and 8 weeks, pups average a weigh gain of about 2 pounds each (Little piglets a bit more ;-)) After 8 weeks, most puppies will have gone to their new homes.

In this chart, the 9 to 12 week information comes from healthy puppies still at the breeder's home and still being weighed.Between 8 weeks and twelve weeks,  weight gains can jump to 3-5 lbs (or more) a week. By 12 weeks, most pups have gone off to new homes and for the purpose of this page, it's where we are ending for now.
4 weeks: Average is about 5 lbs +/-2.5 lbs 9 weeks. Average is about 18 lbs +/- 3 lbs
5 weeks. Average is about 7 lbs +/- 3 lbs 10 weeks. Average is about 20 lbs +/- 3.5 lbs
6 weeks. Average is about 9 lbs +/- 2.5 lbs 11 weeks. Average is about 25 lbs +/- 5 lbs
7 weeks. Average is about  11 lbs +/- 2 lbs 12 weeks. Average is about 33 lbs +/- 5 lbs
8 weeks. Average is about  13 lbs +/-  3 lbs