Kennel  or Kennel Prefix?

In the world of show dogs, most people who have  or are beginning to establish a line of dogs bred by them use a "kennel prefix". For example, I use Kalahari and have since 1969.. That lets whomever is looking at a catalog recognize the dog or dogs behind them as bred by me. If your kennel prefix is unique enough, you can have it registered with the AKC and no one else may use it without your permission. Of course, most breeders would not intentionally poach on someone else's established name - most reputable people, that is.

Having a kennel prefix DOES NOT MEAN YOUR DOGS ARE KEPT IN A KENNEL.  A kennel, in the strictist sense, could mean a place where dogs are boarded. It could be a place of business that people pay to have their dog kept while they are out of town, or a place where you would send your dog for training, ie trained for hunting birds, retrieving birds, etc. This would usually mean a building apart from the owner's living quarters, or outdoor runs with individual dog shelters or houses for them. Many hunting breeds are kept in this manner to help climatize them to the hunting conditions they'll be used in. An example would be foxhounds, who are hunted over the fall and winter months and are kept in buildings and runs where the temperatures would run comparable to their hunting areas - about 43 degrees F at the lowest. It would be very hard on a dog to be kept indoors at 72 degrees, then expect that dog to be able to hunt for hours in 32 degree weather in the snow.

Some people who show do keep their dogs in kennel building outside of their homes.  Perhaps they have several dogs, or train puppies for the ring, or show dogs for other people. Nothing wrong with that and many people I know who do have kennels will rotate the dogs into the house for socialization and because they LOVE their dogs. These people  have "kennel prefixes" in addition to a "kennel".

Then there are the folks like me who only have a few dogs and those dogs are household pets. Our dogs live like most pets - in the house with a dog door or let in and out by the owners. We only have "kennel prefixes".
dogs on the couch

If you want to visit a breeder and see their dogs, remember your manners. Call them, find out if their place is a business that has particular hours to be open. If you will be visiting someone's home, please make an appointment - and be on time! Before you think about dropping in unannounced at a breeder's house, think how you would feel if people just showed up at your front door without notice!