Temperament affected by the sire:


A study in cats: an exerpt:
The area of inheritance in feline behavior is very new... but I will go over the different studies that have possible relevance to the inheritance in cats.

1. Study of sire. There is a study (still in progress) at Cornell on the effect of the friendliness of the sire on the kittens. Sires were selected because you can have several litters of kittens from the same sire at the same time thus allowing the information to be collected much more rapidly,. What I find interesting about this study is that the conclusion that sires have strong impact has come from a fairly small sampling.

Daniel Estep, p. 23

    “The ... paternal effect on the friendliness of domestic cats toward humans. Cats in two different colonies were rated on their willingness to approach and make contact with humans. Examination of breeding records showed that friendly males were more likely to have offspring that were friendly. What led these researchers to suspect genetic influences was that the offspring never had contact with their fathers and there was no relationship between the mother’s friendliness and offspring friendliness.”

Michael Mendl and Robert Harcourt: pg 49

    “Evidence supporting an effect due to genetic variation comes from the work of Turner et al. (1986). Using observer ratings of kitten ‘friendliness', Turner and his coworkers demonstrated that one factor which helped explain the variation in ‘friendliness’ scores was kitten paternity. Kittens of different fathers differed significantly in their ‘friendliness’ scores. Since the kittens never saw their fathers it is likely that genetic factors mediate this effect.”

Halliday and Snowdon,

    “...demonstrate that offspring from a particular male are reliably different from those of another particular male: variability of the trait ‘friendliness towards human’ is at least partly explained in terms of who the fathers were.”