Photo Album

Ch Riveridge's Husani Mikara - aka: Sonny. ( Ch Kwetu's Kalahari Karavan ROM X Lamington's Sherri ) Sonny was co-owned by Barbara and Michael Ray, until he finished. Sonny was a great baby sitter, too.

Ch Kalahari Uto Tshokoleti JC,CGC,TT,HIC,PTD- aka:Toby. ( Ch Kwetu's Kalahari Karavan ROM X Kalahari Chocolate Chip ) Toby finished in 8 shows - 4 times BOB over Specials and was a Group winning dog. He was certified by the Delta Society as a Pet Therapy Dog and earned a herding certificate....sheep, ducks and goats!

Ch Kalahari Abeni Tshokoleti ROM - aka: Sugar. ( Ch Kwetu's Kalahari Karavan ROM X Kalahari Chocolate Chip ) Sugar proved herself in both the breed ring and whelping box, giving me my latest duo of show dogs and earning her ROM. 

Ch Kalahari Tshani Abeni - aka:Savannah. ( Ch Crescent's The Power of Gold JC X Ch Kalahari Abeni Tshokoleti )Savannah and Woody BOTH won Awards of Merit at the RRCUS National 2000 in Lexington. Savannah was a great mother, an avid squirrel dog and the best of bed buddies.

Ch Silwane of Kalahari - aka: Polo.Ch Crescent's The Power of Gold JC X Ch Kalahari Abeni Tshokoleti ) Polo finished with 4 straight majors, including BOS over 2 specials. Polo championship gave Sugar her ROM! Polo was the most gentlemanly dog I've ever met, let alone had the pleasure to live with. His place on the bed  was the prime one as he was the boss, but never with a mean bone in his body. He always got alone with other dogs and was the finest of companions.

Tji-Wara's Kalahari Safari NAJ,NJP,NAP - aka: Diva.(Ch Wetu of Kalahari ROM X Ch Zareba's Roaring Tjiwara ) Diva was a lovely gal, but trying to show her was a wild west show. Diva proved herself a super agility dog even though we've gotten a late start at it. Diva was a memorable dog to live with and she is sorely missed.

Ch Abebi of Kalahari JC - aka: Sizzle.(Ch Amakhosi Aussie Gold X Ch Kalahari Tshani Abeni) Sizzle was a fanastic mover who loved to course. She gave us our next batch of youngsters to show and was a wonderful mama dog and a loving companion.

OzzieCh Amakhosi Aussie Gold - aka: Ozzie. Ozzie came to us all the way from Australia. Ozzie sired several nice offspring so far.Oz was a perpetual puppy, loved to run, make lots of noise and hog all the petting. Oz's published Australian  hip/elbow  scores were Grade 1 - R/3 -L/4=7, Elbows R/1 -L/0

Ch Kalahari Zarina Malika NAJ, NA, OAC, NJC,HP-N - aka: Darla.(Ch Amakhosi Aussie Gold X Tji-Wara's Kalahari Safari) Sweetest dog and she also tried hard to please! Darla finished her AKC championship. She also did agility, both AKC and NADAC.Pictured here is her major win in Houston.

UKC Ch Mwamba of Kalahari AXP, MJP, XFP, TKN OAC,EJC,OCC,HP-N,WV-N,TN-N,TG-N Achiever Dog - aka: Guy (Ch Kwetu's Kalahari Karavan ROM X Ch Abebi of Kalahari JC) Guy completed his UKC championship taking 3 Group 1s and a Reserve Best In Show.

Fun fact! Guy is in the movie Terminator: Genisys. Yep, he's the "dog coming out of the alley". Don't sneeze, you'll miss him!