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Saturday, 8 September 2007
The importance of a dog's true name

 I never decide a dog's name in advance of meeting and getting to know them. Just as none of us would decide to call another person by some name we like... We wait for them to tell us what their name is. 

Take Diva, for example. I tried several names for her until finally one day, it just popped into my head. Boy, talk about a dog aptly named! Same thing with Sizzle. She went through several names before she liked one.... and she grew up to fit that name, too. Sometimes it's by their actions and sometimes it just pops into my head and when I say it, the dog reacts as if they are thrilled I finally figured it out.Surprised

We had a litter of pups, one female in the bunch of boys. They were a rowdy bunch and soon gained the name of "the little rascals". The little dark haired girl of the bunch became "Darla". She was a cutie and ruled the roost.

Then she went to her new home and the people named her Karma. For several reasons, she came back here at around a year of age. I didn't care for the name Karma, it didn't fit her,but she was used to it, so it stayed. But Karma was never a happy acting dog.... oh, she had spurts of acting happy, but she never seemed happy all the time and would stand around with a hang dog look on her face and in her body language.

Finally, this week, in a dream, she said she wanted her orginal name back. So, when I woke up, I started using that name - Darla. What a difference! She comes faster, she cuddles more and more, she's more playful than ever..... She's happy that people finally woke up and used her soul name again and she can be her true self.

 I REALLY  believe that dogs know their true names and will grow up to fit those names if we can just pay attention to what they are trying to tell us. I also think that if they don't  like their names, they will be rather unhappy in life. I think if someone changes their true name to something they don't like it is bad karma.

Posted by kalaharirr at 9:57 AM CDT
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